About Us

since our existence in 2016, Kapon Empire have risen to becoming a preeminent record label. The label was founded by MC Snillow with the aim of just producing rap music. After a while, we went beyond just producing hip hop music to other areas of entertainment.

Today, we work in every aspect of entertainment, supplying our talents with services such as, artist management, music writing, music publishing, artist promotion, and so on.

The label kicked off with many artists, but due to undisclosed reasons, we decided to drop some artists to retain only PG, Donadon, and MC Snillow. The kapon empire team has wowed their audience and fans with their performances at different locations, settings and venues .

Our artists have been able to stand individually releasing individual hits. To this end, the artists on our label had released lots of hit songs like Fake boi by DONADON, Tony Montana by PG, I still see no change by MC Snillow.

Taking the career of our artists to greater height is our priority, and supplying the fans with quality music is something that we take seriously.